Triangle: Tobacco, zoomthelineandeye, and Fopmusic

Three electronic gems demanding a place on your latest playlist!


“Human Om”


Sweatbox Dynasty

Ghostly International

Released: June 7, 2016


With Black Moth Super Rainbow’s sixth album in stall mode, Tobacco—BMSR’s ’80s workout tape-obsessed songwriter—offers us “Human Om,” the first pinch from his fourth solo LP, Sweatbox Dynasty.


Manipulating vintage analogue synths and communicating in billowing, vocoded sighs as usual, Tobacco (aka Thomas Fec) opens “Human Om” with a dragging synth line, a droning chime, and a hand-clap-based beat. So far, so chill.


And so long to that: with the repeated push of a button, Tobacco disturbs the peace with a bunch of rude mechanical whirs. After the machine retreats back to hell (temporarily), a woozy, gooey bridge materializes to solidify “Human Om” as a mandatory summer jam.





Released: June 7, 2016


An intense display of progressive electronics, “Onlaw” shocks and awes with Moogs, Korgs, morphing insectoid noise, liquefied human voices, and industrial whacks. It’s ominous, hopeful, and heavy, and easily one of the best compositions of the year. Sadly, it’s hiding in some remote corner of Soundcloud.


Forgoing any discernible beat, “Onlaw”—whose pulsing notes will bring to mind a certain liquor store scene in Teen Wolf—grows and grows at a glacial pace until all the elements sneakily coalesce into a breathtaking climax.


It turns out this 6-minute achievement is just a “pre-mix teaser” for an upcoming full-length from this faceless UK entity. I’m counting the hours.



“You Never Know”


Released: May 15, 2016


In the wake of recent revelations that Earth is actually just a sad trash fire orbiting the sun, Sweden’s one-man project Fopmusic has a great suggestion: let’s get the eff out of here.


Performing under one of the shittiest monikers since The Music collectively said, “That’s the one!” Fopmusic makes cheap ‘80s synth rock—and it’s great. On the inoffensive “You Never Know,” Mr. Lars-Göran-Forsberg sings his escapist lyrics about visiting other planets and walking on rainbows over washed-out, zappy keyboards and a gentle programmed beat. Except that he sounds like he’s never cracked a smile in his whole life. Cheer up, man, Martian dance clubs could be right around the corner. You never know…



-Jason Mosheim



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