Slab Review: Hack Musician’s “I,” “II,” and “III”

Hack Musician: Just another premiumwoodwinddrummachineschlocknoisegrind project

New Jersey noise sniper Hack Musician drops a not-so-subtle hint about what lies ahead on this triptych of EPs by adorning the covers with photos of beheadings and beatings.


A one-man dispensary of “premiumwoodwinddrummachineschlocknoisegrind,” Hack Musician stocks a bass clarinet and an alto sax among its armamentarium. But make no mistake: all two minutes and 46 seconds of I, II, and III is a brisk and total violation of the body and senses.


Each cacophonous shit-fit is a splatter-fest of ultra-rapid, ultra-distorted, and ultra-loud drum samples with the occasional grunt or roar thrown in for grind measure. The classical-leaning instruments are used sparingly, like secret weapons: the clarinet snakes in semi-melodically on “Worth?” and provides some comic relief on “Prehistoric Dentistry,” while the alto sax is like the last leaf dancing sadly above a brutal brush fire on “Can’t.”



Newbies to the noise realm would do well to check out these three episodes of controlled chaos, which, while oddly accessible, will leave you feeling hollowed-out and spent faster than you can say, “The horror, the horror.” Make sure you put some distance between this and the next thing you listen to, because it’ll take the piss right out of whatever healing sounds you reach for at the end of a bad day.


Released: April 19 (I), April 30 (II), May 2 (III), 2016


-Jason Mosheim

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